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Kolkata, India

Job Details

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Employment Type
  • Full-Time
  • Intermediate
Job Description

We’re on the hunt candidates to fill C# developer job openings in the Kolkata area. The perfect candidate would have proven experience with C sharp and backend development.

Roles & Responsibilities

    • Proficient in English with excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.
    • Be able to participate in international projects.
    • Be able to balance multiple projects and meet deadlines with high quality results.
    • Be able to adapt quickly and keep up with new technologies, techniques, and project requirements.
    • Be able to troubleshoot and resolve problems that present themselves.
    • Have a strong work ethic and be an energetic team player with a cooperative attitude.


    • Bachelor's degree or higher in Computer Science/Information Technology or related field.
    • Proven experience with C# is a must-have.
    • Understanding of OOP, MVC, SOLID principles, Design Patterns, and Design Principles is a must.
    • Skills with writing reusable C# libraries are a plus.
    • Experience with designing and writing APIs is a must.
    • Experience with unit testing is a must. Preferably using NUnit or xUnit.
    • Experience with an RDBMS is a must, preferably MS SQL Server.
    • An understanding of operating systems and networking protocols on a basic level is a must.
    • Experience with front end web development technologies- HTML, CSS, JavaScript/Jquery is preferred.
    • Experience with cloud platform providers like AWS, GCP, or Azure is a plus.
    • Experience with containerization technology like Docker and Kubernetes is a plus.
    • Experience working in a Scrum environment is a plus.
    • Work experience with repository management and version control systems using GIT. Preferably GitHub, GitLab, or BitBucket.
    • Be able to test and debug applications.
    • Any certification in a relevant field is preferred.
    • Must either have a broadband connection with decent speed or have such a connection available in your area to install.

What we offer you

  • Flexible Working

  • Competitive Compensation

  • Insurance Benefits

  • Training & Mentoring

  • Frequent Celebrations

  • Home Office Allowance

  • Paid Leave Benefits

  • Retirement Benefits

  • Partial Course Funding

  • Team Building Activities

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