Technical Recruiter jobs in Kolkata

Kolkata, India

Job Details

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  • Administration & HR
Employment Type
  • Full-Time
  • SeniorIntermediate
Experience Required
  • Junior- 2 Years Minimum Senior - 4 Years Minimum
Skills Required
  • Communication Skills, Negotiation Skills, Intricate Information Technology Knowledge
Job Description

We have technical/IT recruiter job openings! We need talent acquisition professionals who will help grow our development team. The ideal candidate for this opening would have a strong understanding of various programming and other technical roles, giving them the insight they need to find the right candidates for various technical job openings within the organization.

Roles & Responsibilities

    • Excellent English, communication, and interpersonal skills
    • A highly motivated team player who brings a lot of energy and has a great work ethic
    • Ability to interview prospective candidates for various types of job openings
    • Strong leadership qualities with the ability to make decisions
    • Must be technology savvy and proficient in using social media
    • Ability to assess candidates based on their relevant experience, knowledge, skills, and qualifications
    • Identify/attend local job fairs, college, IT meet-ups, etc.


    • At least 2 years of relevant experience in technical recruitment/IT recruitment is required and experience in recruitment on LAMP or MEAN or MERN stack is preferred
    • A Graduation is required and Bachelor’s in a Computer Science related field is preferred
    • A great understanding of a wide range IT and programming processes
    • Some previous experience with management / HR is preferred

What we offer you

  • Flexible Working

  • Competitive Compensation

  • Insurance Benefits

  • Training & Mentoring

  • Frequent Celebrations

  • Home Office Allowance

  • Paid Leave Benefits

  • Retirement Benefits

  • Partial Course Funding

  • Team Building Activities

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